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A Mellow-Tropic Journey into the Lush Land Of BEM 


I mean…just look at him. Beautiful. He said he was a bachelor.  Then  he asked my hand in marriage. We had a good laugh.

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She made my food with so much care and tenderness, I thought  she was flirting. LOL. She said you like it spicy or sweet? I said “How do you like yours?” She said “I like little sweet and a little spice.”  I said “Word? Well make mines like you make yours then” Aaaaayye.   Deadass…love h a s to be the primary ingredient in this food because there is no rational explanation for why this tasted so freaking good!! Like…..c r y good. Curry Chicken and Potato Roti, came right from the pots on the stove. I ate this on the plane back to New York. Needless to say everyone else’s “snack” (lol) of chips and soda paled in comparison to my delicious Roti and they all had to smell the coco-curry-liciousness . HAHAHAhahaha…

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It’s almost weird but, when I tell you…Along with amazingly warm and welcoming, very family oriented, strong work ethic, G-d fearing type energy, pretty much every single native Bajan we saw had an incredible sense of personal style.  Snagged a few fashion highlights along the way…


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Culture Power Cipher.

AG7A3431 His gait was so confident. Energetically he was both off putting and magnetic. As he was approaching I already knew I was gonna give him a play for whatever was in that case he was carrying. As luck would have it, it was a case full of semi precious jewels. A lot of my favorites. I asked him If the jewels were real or glass. His annoyance with the question was obvious. He said “I don’t know why people always ask that. What does it matter?” I said well I guess it doesn’t If you just looking to dawn a beautiful adornment but, I like my gem stones to be official so I can benefit from their attributes. He said he didn’t believe the stones and crystals carried any powers. He said “The only power we get comes from The Most High!” Im not sure what happened in between but, 5 minutes later, I was reading from the Torah (which I just happened to have in my beach bag) and  a very intense cipher ensued. About E V E R Y T H I N G. Bloodlines. Ethiopia. The Planet. Everything. I convinced him that just like the Stars and the Plants, Crystals & Stones are just Minerals and Elements and they (as agents of The Most High) are also here to assist us. Been a good minute since I met an OG Elder, Rasta, GangStar, Prophet, Scholar and Gentleman. We Love each other. LOL. I ended up getting a beautiful Malachite piece from his magic case of gems. It’s funny how the r e a l e s t gems I received from the OG, were the pearls he placed in my mind. There were so many. It was kinda epic. Facts.




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